This 10-year-old has two honorary doctorate degrees and his name in the record books!

Dr Yogananda Shastri has won a place in the Magic Book of Records, the Influencer Book of Records and the Harvard Book of Records
(Pic: Edexlive)
(Pic: Edexlive)

Dr Aripirala Yogananda Shastri is only ten years old, but apart from effortlessly reading people's horoscopes, he also performs yajnas and poojas. This child prodigy was awarded two honorary doctorates in Astrology. A native of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, he has left everyone around him in awe of his capabilities.

Shastri (The spelling of his name is varying. Please confirm and change accordingly throughout the copy) has also won a place in the Magic Book of Records, the Influencer Book of Records and even the Harvard Book of Records. He was honoured with two doctorate degrees from the World Human Rights Commission and the Magic Book of Records. A student of Class V, Yogananda is said to be performing well in his studies too, as per a report by The New Indian Express.

The young boy spends his leisure time reading mythological books and listening to stories from his parents. His family has been practising Astrology for 16 years. Yogananda said that he was fascinated and inspired to learn Astrology after observing his parents and grandparents performing poojas and reading the horoscopes of people. "People come to my father uncertain about their future and leave with confidence and a smile on their face. It inspires me to follow in his footsteps and bring that peace in the lives of people," the child said, as reported by TNIE. Speaking about his life's goal, he added, "I want to become an IAS officer and serve people. However, I'll continue my family legacy." 

Yogananda's father, Dr Aripirala Kalyan Shastri, a renowned astrologer himself, said that he had never expected his son to take an interest in a complex subject such as Astrology at such a young age. "I still remember the moment when he came to me and asked on what basis I read horoscopes and how predicting the future works. I was so shocked because he was just five and had such a keen observation."

And it was from this age that the child started learning Astrology, Vastu shastra and the processions of various homams and yajnas. Till now, Yogananda has performed as many as 70 homams and several yajnas. Wearing a pattu dhoti and kanduva, he chants Vedic mantras without missing the rhythm or making mistakes. Even clients of his father ask Yogananda to perform rituals in their programmes, the report by TNIE stated.

"Everyone is known by the name of his father, but what can be a better and golden moment for a father than that he should be known by the name of his son? I am fortunate to experience this," said Kalyan. However, the young Yogananda prefers to attend his classes along with his friends than to go to any award function or felicitation programme.

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