JMI: Action will be taken against instructors who planned to attend GBM

Members of JTA have been barred from using the premises or finances because of the present status
Photo of Jamia Millia Islamia | Pic: Twitter
Photo of Jamia Millia Islamia | Pic: Twitter

The administration of Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) threatened to take action against instructors who planned to attend a General Body Meeting (GBM) that had been scheduled by the teachers' association that has been dissolved the university on Friday, November 18. In a statement, Nazim Husain Al-Jafri, Registrar, claimed that the meeting was intended to "disrupt the smooth functioning of the university," as stated in a PTI report.

The Jamia Teachers' Association (JTA), whose term was set to finish in May 2022, was disbanded by the university the day after one of its members was suspended from service. The JTA office has likewise been locked by the university. Majid Jamil, President of the now-dissolved association, stated, "In the interest of our colleagues and JTA, a GBM scheduled today (November 18) for 2:30 pm is herewith called off after an advisory was issued by the Registrar and the JTA office has been sealed,"  The conflict between teachers and university administration has deepened as a result of this stated the report.

The advisory issued by the Registrar stated, "It has been brought to the notice of the competent authority that a GB meeting has been scheduled today at 2:30 pm by an unauthorised body which has no longer recognition and authority according to the JTA constitution and has been dissolved on November 17. However, they are misleading Jamia Millia Islamia and claiming to be the office bearers of JTA. Therefore, it is advised that the teachers should abstain from attending or participating or in any manner be part of the meeting," as reported by PTI.

The advisory also mentioned that the now-dissolved JTA members have been barred from using the premises or finances of the former JTA account because of the present status. "In case of any violation of such advisory, the authority will take action against the participants of such meeting which is planned to be held within the campus to disrupt the smooth functioning of the university," the advisory noted. In order to ensure that the election of the JTA is conducted fairly and transparently, Vice-Chancellor Najma Akhtar has also established a committee to investigate the shortcomings of the JTA's bylaws and constitution and submit a report within one month.

A professor was suspended by JMI on Thursday, November 17, for "unlawfully" accepting a task to run the teachers' association election without first obtaining consent from the appropriate authority. The university has also disbanded the current teachers' association with immediate effect and ruled Sonya Surabhi Gupta's notification addressing the election process from the JMI Center for Spanish and Latin American Studies "null and void". Gupta, though, denied every accusation. "I have not done anything illegal and whatever actions I have taken was done as part of JTA member and in accordance with the JTA constitution," Gupta told PTI over the phone.

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