Karnataka Congress leaders | (Pic: Express)
Karnataka Congress leaders | (Pic: Express)

Karnataka: Congress launches #CMUncle campaign against Viveka Scheme. Here's their objection

The opposition party has posed some questions concerning school children through this campaign to CM Bommai

The Karnataka government recently announced its new Viveka Scheme, under which newly built school classrooms will be painted in saffron to commemorate Swami Vivekananda. However, the move has been criticised by many. And now, the state's Congress has announced a campaign against this scheme.

Aiming to go viral with the hashtag #CMUncle, the Karnataka Congress has already started the campaign. The opposition party has posed some questions to Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai concerning school children through this campaign. It has also urged Bommai to build toilets for the children first, instead of painting classrooms, as per a report by IANS.

"Throughout the state, there is a lack of infrastructure in schools. The children are struggling without toilets. #CMUncle, before painting school buildings in saffron, first build toilets, give us hygienic drinking water and facilities that would attract children to schools," the party tweeted through their official handle.
The Congress also alleged that the state government is implementing the scheme in the name of Swami Vivekananda who was responsible for the industrial and scientific revolution in the country, but the Chief Minister is not "forthcoming with implementing programmes which inculcate scientific temperament in students". 

"There is no good teaching, no proper midday meal, what action are you going to take?" the party questioned on Twitter. "The scheme to give eggs to malnourished children is not being implemented properly. Take action to distribute eggs, do not give room for corruption in purchasing eggs also," the Karnataka Congress added, as per IANS.

It may be noted that under the Viveka Scheme, 8,100 new classrooms are set to be painted saffron. The scheme has been defended by the ruling BJP government of the state. Apart from this scheme, the government is also set to start meditation classes for primary, high school and Class XI and XII students.

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