Karnataka: Students can now go to school 'bag-free' once a month

As a part of the Kalika Chetarike (learning recovery) programme schools in Karnataka introduce a bag-free day
Representational image of school students | Pic: Express
Representational image of school students | Pic: Express

The Department of State and Education Research and Training (DSERT), Karnataka has recommended schools in the State to introduce a bag-free day. At least once a month, students of government primary and secondary schools can leave their heavy bags at home and take part in fun-filled learning activities, states a report in The New Indian Express. On one Saturday every month, the bag-free day will be implemented under the Sambhrama Shanivara initiative. 

This initiative has been introduced as a part of the Kalika Chetarike (learning recovery) programme, according to the department. The department also stated that, "We suggest that all schools in the state observe Sambhrama Shanivara on one Saturday of every month. Teachers can make use of activity books in ten subjects to encourage active learning in their students." The DSERT has suggested that on the bag-free day, students should make use of activity books and other materials that are uploaded on the website of the department, as reported by The New Indian Express.

The DSERT website has materials uploaded on several civic topics that can be downloaded and printed. The topics such as safety and security, solid waste management, safe use of technology, road safety, gender equality, disabilities, healthy lifestyles, public services, nutrition and cleanliness and awareness against drugs are included in the material. A guidebook has also been uploaded on how the teachers can go about using the activity book and engage the children. "The bag-free day can be celebrated on Saturdays when there are a fewer number of teachers. The initiative is a way to complement already existing learning recovery activities in learning centres and schools," the department said, stated the report by The New Indian Express.

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