One lakh internships for technical courses launched by AICTE on dedicated portal

Dharmendra Pradhan, welcomed the initiative by companies such as Cisco, Salesforce and MGNCRE for offering internships to students
Dharmendra Pradhan | (Pic: PTI)
Dharmendra Pradhan | (Pic: PTI)

The AICTE has announced one lakh internships as part of its effort to boost skill development in the country. These internships will be applicable on its in-house Internship Portal. The scheme was launched by the Education Minister of India, Dharmendra Pradhan.

The internships will be offered to students of technical education, said the AICTE in a statement. Internships are mandated by UG/Diploma students of technical courses and account for between 14-20 credit points. 

Companies such as Salesforce, Cisco, MGNCRE and RSB Transmission India Ltd have offered internships on the portal. AICTE Chairman, Prof Anil Sahasrabudhe said, “It is very exciting that we are signing of one lakh internship opportunities. There is a common link here with all these companies. Salesforce does customer relationships, and all our students must learn it. Cisco is in the business of networking and cyber security. Networking and customer relationships are powerful tools for generating employment and entrepreneurship. The third is transmission (RSB) that we apply in rural India with MGNCRE to make our villages self-sufficient and drive the economy. I hope all get benefits from this platform and I would also urge companies to increase internship opportunities on a YOY (year-on-year) basis.”

"We would like to increase the Gross Enrolment Ratio from 27 to 65 per cent. I am happy that the wheels of the chariot of the National Educational Policy 2020 have started rolling with the launch of this programme. Every matured economy needs a skilled workforce," said Pradhan at the launch.

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