Digitally yours: This Great Learning course, offered in collab with NUS, will help you bring about digital transformation

Jai Arya, Head, Executive Education, NUS Business School said they hope that the course will, "drive adoption of digital technologies efficiently" and "explore newer domains of business"
Here are the points to note | (Pic: Edexlive)
Here are the points to note | (Pic: Edexlive)

The future is digital and all we have to do is adapt, as students, yes, but as professionals for sure. And for those youngsters who are already a few years into it, or even the older generation, Great Learning has an option that can help you catch up.

The EdTech platform, has collaborated with the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School to offer a much-needed programme called Digital Transformation: Rethink your Business for Growth. This three-month programme is all mid and senior professionals need to ensure that they are able to make the most of technology across business functions. Not just them, even entrepreneurs can make the most of this online course.

A case study-based pedagogy will be delivered by NUS Business School and it requires only four to six hours of your time on a weekly basis. Assignments are part of the deal but so are insightful activities. Also, don't worry, there is no prior tech knowledge required.

What will you be learning? Design thinking process, digitalisation landscape and impact of disruption, strategies and new business models, big data analytics and ML and beyond. The certificate for this programme will be given by NUS Business School.  

For all other questions that you might have, we got in touch with Arjun Nair, Co-founder, Great Learning, and this is what he had to say. Excerpts from our conversation:

Give us your definition of Digital Transformation
The new-age technologies like AI, IoT, and cloud are disrupting business models and transforming business landscapes faster than ever before. To thrive in this digital era, organisations need to continuously innovate, rethink and redesign their processes in order to meet customer needs.

Digital transformation is the art of integrating digital technologies into areas of business, fundamentally changing the way organisations operate in order to deliver better value to customers.

Why was the National University of Singapore Business School chosen for this particular partnership?
The National University of Singapore is considered to be one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. It was ranked first in Asia and 11th globally as per QS World University Rankings 2021. As part of the university, NUS Business School shares the university’s reputation for academic excellence in education, research and service. Due to its strong academic prowess, we have decided to partner with NUS Business school to offer this programme.

Could you shed some light on the assignments and activities that the program will offer?
The programme has 18 case studies and nine assignments handcrafted by NUS faculty that will enable learners to apply key concepts and ideas in a real-world environment. Learners will also participate in peer discussion sessions each week with their course facilitator to clarify any conceptual queries and engage in hands-on activities designed by the NUS faculty.

And at the end of it all?
Capstone projects! By the end of the programme, learners get an opportunity to work on a capstone project. Capstone is a real-world simulation project where learners choose a practical problem statement and solve it with guidance from our industry experts and peers. It helps the learners integrate their knowledge and learnings into a personalised digital transformation roadmap.

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