Now, issue of hijab flares up in Madhya Pradesh and Puducherry schools as well

It was in Karnataka that the hijab row began and now the ripple effects are being seen in other places like Madhya Pradesh and Puducherry 
Here is the update | (PIc: Edexlive)
Here is the update | (PIc: Edexlive)

While reacting to the hijab row flaring in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh School Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar on Tuesday, February 8, opined that hijab is not part of the uniform and that in Madhya Pradesh schools, it should be banned. He also mentioned that they will take a call regarding banning the hijab soon.

“A uniform dress code will be implemented in the coming days. Our sons and daughters should abide by the school uniform while coming to schools and only then will there be any discipline,” said the minister, as quoted in a report by The Indian Express.

“There is no objection to people wearing the hijab while stepping out of their homes. But in schools, there should be a sense of equality and so, a uniform dress code is required,” the minister added.

“It’s a deliberate attempt to spoil the atmosphere in that state,” the state education minister said with regards to the hijab row in Karnataka. He said that in India, people follow different traditions, but when it comes to school, they should follow the dress code, that is, the uniform. He also shared that efforts are being made to disturb the education system.

Meanwhile, in Puducherry, the Directorate of Education spokesperson informed that student groups and other organisations had complained about a teacher who had allegedly raised objections against a headscarf that was worn by a student. "We want to know what has actually happened and further course of action would be decided after receiving a report from the school," the spokesperson was quoted as saying by PTI.

Swaminathan, President, Students Federation of India, Puducherry, informs that the girl students has been wearing a hijab and attending classes since three years now. “Why is there objection now to the girl wearing hijab?” Swaminathan asked.

Today, February 8, Swaminathan hopes to present a memorandum to the chief minister to ask for action against the teacher who objected against the students. 

There were also complaints received regarding a few schools conducting RSS-like "drills" at Veerampattinam, Embalam and Tirukanoor. Regarding the "drill" complaints, he said, “We want a detailed probe into this also and prevent intrusion of saffronisation of institutions with the active encouragement of a section of officials,” he said.

Meanwhile, a hearing will be underway in Karnataka High Court with regards to petitions that were filed against schools that are restricting hijab-wearing girls from entering the campus. 

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