Higher Primary Schools upgraded to High Schools in Karnataka; Bidar district neglected

As many as 45 schools were upgraded in the Kalyana Karnataka region, whereas none of Bidar districts schools were selected for upgradation
Government High School in Kyadiguppa in Koppal | Image for representative purposes only (Picture: Edexlive)
Government High School in Kyadiguppa in Koppal | Image for representative purposes only (Picture: Edexlive)

Yadgir district has been given its due share in the upgradation of Higher Primary Schools into High Schools, while Bidar district has been neglected by not upgrading any of the Higher Primary Schools in the notification issued by the School Education and Literacy Department on July 30.

According to the notification, the School Education Department has upgraded in all 95 Higher Primary Schools into High Schools in the state, including 45 of the Kalyana Karnataka Region.

The highest, that is 18 Higher Primary Schools, have been upgraded in Yadgir district. They are GHPS Tumakur, Govt HPS Kanekal, Govt Model Primary School Nasalwai, Govt HPS Beernoor, Govt HPS Ganganal, Govt HPS Wadagera, Govt HPS Goudagera, Govt HPS Yadahalli, Govt HPS Badiyal, Govt HPS Mundarga, Govt HPS Chandapur, GPHS Manjalapur, Govt HPS Bommagudda, Govt HPS Mudnal, Govt HPS Aikur, Govt HPS Kadamgera, Govt HPS Bandalli and Govt HPS Belagera.

This is followed by 11 schools in the Ballari district. They are GHPS Malapana Gudi, GHPS Belgal thanda, GHPS Metri, GHPS Varadhapur, GHPS Kurekuppa, GHPS, Kodalu, GHPS Kuntanhal, HPS Somasamudra, GHPS Kappagal, GHPS Halekote and GHPS Mincheri. Six schools have been upgraded in Koppal including GHPS Gudadalli, GHPS Benakanal, GHPS Bijakal, GHPS Hiebannigol, GHPS Chikkabenakal and GHPS Nageshanahalli.

As many as six schools in Raichur district have been upgraded, including Govt HPS Dondambali, Govt HPS Jambaldinni, Govt HPS Uppala, Govt HPS Guntagol, Govt HPS Heerapur and Govt HPS Wadavati. And four Higher Primary Schools of Kalaburagi district, including Govt HPS Konchur, Govt HPS Nalwar, Govt HPS Nidagunda Chincholi TQ and Govt HPS Allapur.

One of the senior academicians, on the condition of anonymity, said that upgrading 18 Higher Primary Schools (HPS) to High Schools in Yadgir district is a welcome step, but he did not understand why Bidar district was completely neglected, while in Ballari district, which is considered to be well off in the entire Kalyana Karnataka Region, 11 Higher Primary Schools were upgraded.

Simply issuing notification upgrading Higher Primary Schools is not sufficient. The government should sanction necessary posts immediately and recruit the sanctioned posts on a permanent basis as a priority. If filling up of posts on permanent bases is not possible immediately, the government should appoint guest teachers as already schools have commenced functioning two months back, said an academician.

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