Another video incident in Gujarat! Residential school girls complaint against cook filming them bathing

The initial complaint was about the poor quality of food and they had demanded for a woman cook: School Principal Nita Chaudhary  
Read about it here | (Pic: EdexLive)
Read about it here | (Pic: EdexLive)

After the Chandigarh University video leak incident, similar incidents are being reported in Gujarat. Now, in Eklavya Kanya Saksharta Nivasi Shala, a government-run residential school in the Valsad district of South Gujarat, girls have alleged that the cook filmed them while they were taking a bath, as stated in a report by IANS

The parents of girls in this school have accused the male cook at the facility of recording objectionable videos of their daughters. In this regard, they gathered at the school on Wednesday, September 21, and demanded police action against the cooks and other staff members, as stated in a report by PTI

It is said that the Deputy Superintendent of Police, local Crime Branch Police Inspector, local Sub Inspector and even Deputy Collector are looking into the matter as the allegations are serious. Moreover, Rajdeepsinh Zala, Valsad District Superintendent of Police, assured, "If any one is found indulging in such acts, they will be booked under the law." Meanwhile, addressing the media, Rajdeepsinh Zala said, "Girl students, in their written application to the school Principal or to the police, do not mention video recording or taking photos."

Speaking about the investigation, SP Zala said, "The phones of the cooking staff were checked and no objectionable clip was found." Further, he said that a team of police, including the Deputy Superintendent and the local crime branch (LCB) are carrying out an investigation into the matter. Zala also informed that in an application submitted by the parents to the principal two days back, raising issues regarding food and other facilities, there was no mention of video-recording by the staff. 

Giving more details about the letter, SP Zala said, "The application submitted by the independent delegate of the Dharampur Taluka Panchayat Kalpesh Patel complains about the inferior quality of food, the cook harassing girls and tribal girls being discriminated against. But now, verbal complaints of video recording will be investigated."

"There are four male cooks and only one cook has an Android phone, which is now in police possession and is being investigated," the officer added, as stated in a report by IANS. Moreover, school principal Nita Chaudhary informed that the initial complaint was about the poor quality of food and they had demanded for a woman cook.

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