NEET UG 2022: I never went to bed with a doubt in mind, says Odisha state topper, secures AIR 39

Here’s how Priya Somadutta Nayak scored an All India Rank of 39 in one of the most competitive examinations in the country
Pic: Priya Somadutta Nayak and EdexLive
Pic: Priya Somadutta Nayak and EdexLive

Priya Somadutta Nayak from SAI International School, Odisha scored 705/720 and has emerged as the state topper in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Undergraduate (NEET UG) 2022 results which were declared on Wednesday, September 7. He has secured an All India Rank (AIR) 39. 

Priya, who has been studying hard for NEET tells EdexLive, “I worked hard for the past two years and now I am able to celebrate this with my family and friends.”

Priya is one of the top 40 AIR holders out of the 9,93,069 who qualified for NEET UG this year. 

How did he prepare for his exams?

Priya did not spend 15 hours a day, every day like most students do. “I never had a target number of hours that I set aside to study. I just set the number of chapters or portions that I needed to complete in a day as my target,” he says. “I roughly studied for nine to ten hours a day, and that was more than enough for me,” he added. 

The MBBS aspirant further elaborates on his preparation and shares, “I would study every chapter at least four times and I did lots and lots of mock tests before the examination so that I can be strong in every part of the examination equally." 

The state ranker, who was worried about the Physics and Chemistry section of the examination, says, “I found these two subjects difficult. I would attend all the classes and sometimes even ask for extra classes. I made sure that I never went to bed with a doubt in mind and I always cleared all my doubts immediately.”

How did the young topper stay relaxed during the preparation for this examination? “Although I didn't follow a fixed schedule, I usually sleep around 9 pm and woke up by 5 am,” he said. Adding to that. the brainiac also stated, “I spent time with my friends and used to have conversations with my parents who always supported me emotionally. It helped me handle my stress.” He also mentioned that he had supportive mentors and friends who made this journey a lot easier and less stressful. 

What’s next for this topper?

“Now that I have scored well, I am planning to pursue my MBBS from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), either in Delhi or Bhubaneswar. I am yet to decide.” He also hinted that he has not thought about what he wanted to specialise in after MBBS. 

For future NEET aspirants, he advises: "Stick to the syllabus. Studying the syllabus given by the NCERT at least five to six times is essential. It is also important to do multiple mock tests to assess yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses."

“Scoring a perfect score in NEET takes hard work and perseverance and anyone who wants to should be ready to put in the time,” he added. 

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