St Stephen’s College: Almost all 200 unreserved seats were filled

Admission for minority seats reserved in St Stephen’s College for Christian candidates is underway
Photo of St Stephen's college | Pic: Twitter
Photo of St Stephen's college | Pic: Twitter

St Stephen’s College had filled almost all the unreserved seats in the first round of seat allocation said Delhi University's (DU) Dean of Admission, Haneet Gandhi, on Tuesday, October 25. The admission to minority seats reserved for Christian candidates is underway. In the first round of seat allocation that ended yesterday, October 25, with students paying fees for admission, over 59,100 seats have been filled at the University of Delhi, as reported by PTI.

"In the first round of seat allocation, all the unreserved seats (in St.Stephen's College), which are over 200, have been filled," Dean of Admission Haneet Gandhi said. "Meanwhile, the admission for the rest of the seats (reserved for Christan candidate) is underway. We have provided data to the college. They are holding admission based on the interview," she added.

The admission to St Stephen’s College that comes under DU has been a matter of the bone of contention. There are 450 seats at St Stephen’s College across 11 undergraduate courses. The University of Delhi used the results of the CUET this year instead of Class XII marks for the admission process. The High Court directed the college to follow the admission policy by the University of Delhi, but St Stephen's College wanted to give 85% weightage to CUET and 15% to interviews for admitting students across categories. Only after the order by the Supreme Court this month, the admission process commenced in this college, stated the PTI report. 

The University of Delhi commenced the admission process last month for over 70,000 seats. The university released the Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS) on September 12 and the admission process is being conducted in three phases: submission of the application form, selection of programmes and filling of preferences, and seat allocation and admission.

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