Registration for MoE's Vidyanjali Higher Education Volunteer Programme begins. Here's what you need to know  

Also, AICTE will be launching Strength Learning Assessment (SLA) on January 7 for understanding and filling in the learning gaps  
Here's what you need to know | (Pic: Edexlive)
Here's what you need to know | (Pic: Edexlive)

Giving back to one's school takes on a whole new meaning with Vidyanjali Higher Education Volunteer Programme, which is the Ministry of Education, Government of India's attempt to bolster support for schools by creating a pool of volunteers who will, in turn, contribute via academic, training or even infrastructural support. And if you want to do your bit too, registrations have begun for the same, for both individuals and institutions, on their official website,

The portal offers higher education institutions to list what they are in need of and volunteers to offer their services. For example, one of the listings states that DKZP Government High School in Navoor, Karnataka needs assistance with regard to teaching vocational skills and for offering career guidance for students for Classes IX and X. All the interested individuals, whether retired or working professionals, teachers, young professionals students or anyone else, can apply as per what they are able to offer. "I personally call it the 'sharing-caring' model. If somebody has anything additional, knowledge, skills or resources, we must share. This programme is to make citizens socially conscious again," says Prof MP Poonia, Vice-Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). 

"I feel like students are lacking guides and mentors. I would like to see mentors and counsellors enlist their services to whole-heartedly guide students and show them the correct path," says the Vice-Chairman and adds that those who are strong with sports and cultural activities and who can teach about Indian heritage should also definitely come forward to share their knowledge with students. "Even teachers need help to stay up-to-date with emerging technologies, people can help with that too," he informs.     

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