RGHUS Karnataka: Despite second court order, MBBS students await revised results 

Despite court orders, RGUHS students are awaiting their pending revaluation results with only a month left for their next exam

The Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS), Bangaluru students have two court orders in their favour to consider the new evaluation scheme. However, the university is yet to announce the results, and the students have only a month for their upcoming exams. “Even after winning the case, we have no respite. The university is so adamant. Our next exam is only a month away and we are unsure if we should prepare for the next year's exam or the previous one,” says a final-year MBBS student who spoke to EdexLive on the condition of anonymity. The second order came on December 14, and the next exam starts on January 23. 

What was the revaluation scheme?
In the previous revaluation method, four evaluators would score the paper and the average of the four was considered the final mark. The new revaluation method considers the average of the best of two instead. Students claim that this would pass most of them and around 500 failed by just two or three marks. The medicos had filed a plea before the Karnataka High court to implement the new evaluation scheme for them. On November 9, the court order came in favour of the students, but the university filed a review petition. Nonetheless, the case was dismissed by the court. "We won the case twice, and why is the university still withholding the results? What is this contempt of court?" asks a student. 

Initially, the court awarded the university two weeks of time to reevaluate and declare fresh results. 

What do the officials have to say?
When EdexLive reached out to the Registrar of the university, Dr D Prem Kumar, he denied receiving the court order saying, "We have not got the certified copy of the case order; once we do, our legal department will take a call on that." The students allege that the Registrar is only playing with words. Additionally, the students claim an insidious agenda behind withholding their results. "This whole court process has been going on for two months and now we have only a month left for exams. Yet the results aren't announced. So we request the university to announce the RS3 revaluation results without any delay," the students conclude. 

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