Tamil Nadu: DMK student wing to spread anti-Hindi imposition movement across South

If the medium of study at IIT and other central institutions becomes Hindi, students who don't speak Hindi will be affected, DMK's propaganda secretary said
Pic for representation purpose only | Pic: Express
Pic for representation purpose only | Pic: Express

Under the leadership of the party's youth wing leader Udhayanidhi Stalin, DMK's (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) student wing plans to hold a conference and lectures in neighbouring states to spread the party's anti-Hindi imposition ideology. DMK's student wing recently adopted a resolution calling for conferences on the effects of Hindi imposition in the Southern states to be held under the chairmanship of youth wing secretary Udhayanidhi Stalin in order to bring coordination among the southern states opposing Hindi. It is the first time in three decades that the party intends to hold conferences in neighbouring states. CVMP Ezhilarasan, Secretary of the Students' Wing, explained the reason for the proposed efforts to The New Indian Express, “The right-wing propagates that only DMK and Tamil Nadu oppose Hindi. But, that's not the truth. Various organisations vehemently oppose the imposition of Hindi in our neighbouring states. In Tamil Nadu, the ruling party DMK has been opposing the imposition of the language hence, it has attracted the media." He also added that in the recent past, the Indian National Congress (INC) party opposed Hindi imposition in Karnataka when the Bengaluru Metro imposed Hindi by using the language on its name boards. 

In Maharashtra, various intensive protests took place to protect Marathi. Likewise, all the states, except the Hindi belt, have witnessed protests opposing Hindi imposition. "Now, we want to unite all the organisations which oppose Hindi imposition to showcase our organised protest against the union government-sponsored Hindi imposition." He further added that after conducting talks with like-minded organisations, the proposed conferences will be conducted at the earliest. 

DMK's Propaganda Secretary, T Sabapathy Mohan told The New Indian Express, "The union government has been taking aggressive steps to remove English by replacing Hindi in its place. Hence, it is the right time to create awareness among the non-Hindi people about the possible impact of the Hindi imposition." He stated that Union Minister Amit Shah led a panel that recommended that the medium of study should be Hindi at IITs and other central institutions, as reported by The New Indian Express. If this is implemented, all students from non-Hindi-speaking states would suffer greatly, he said and added that, as a result, students' rights, in general, and their future, in particular, should be safeguarded. He went on to say that we need to explain how various regional languages of the Hindi belt states have retained their glory despite the imposition of Hindi on the people of the southern states.

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