Interest in drone pilot training is set to spike with this new programme by MIT

The institute is planning to set up 50 centres in Tamil Nadu, fully equipped to provide training in small and medium-category drones
Image for representational purpose only |Pic: Pixabay
Image for representational purpose only |Pic: Pixabay

Madras Institute of Technology (MIT) will open fifty drone flying training centres across Tamil Nadu. The Centre for Aerospace Research (CFAR) department in the institute will be conducting the training programme for potential drone flyers.

IANS reported that there are 35 Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) approved drone flying training centres in the country and MIT establishing 50 more in Tamil Nadu will increase the interest in drones in the state. The Madras Institute of Technology is in the process of garnering the necessary approvals from all the concerned departments to open the fifty new centres.

Sources in the Madras Institute of Technology told IANS said that there is a huge demand for drone pilots in the state and that the training in drone flying would fetch good revenue for the institute. MIT has already trained 500 drone pilots.

People from various backgrounds ranging from agriculturists, students, engineers, doctors and even senior bureaucrats have joined the training programme, according to the report by IANS. The centre is equipped with facilities to provide training in operating small and medium-category drones. 

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