Female JNU student stopped from entering college's finance dept for wearing shorts. What happened next?

The JNUSU also met with the CSO, Naveen Yadav and complained about such "repeated" incidents by the Cyclops Security Agency
JNUSU in conversation with the JNU officials (Pic: Sourced)
JNUSU in conversation with the JNU officials (Pic: Sourced)

A female student from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) was denied entry to the varsity's Finance section on September 22 ostensibly because she was wearing shorts and was asked to dress appropriately before she could be allowed entry. In response to what they see as obtuse moral policing, the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union (JNUSU) staged a demonstration to protest against the alleged "insensitive behaviour and moral policing" by a security guard employed by the security agency contracted by the varsity, Cyclops, towards a female student of JNU.

The JNUSU also met with the Chief Security Officer (CSO), Naveen Yadav, and complained about the occurrence of "repeated" incidents such as this by the Cyclops Security Agency. The students said that the CSO has assured them that they accept that there is an issue and shall implement the demands put forth by the JNUSU.

JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh said that the CSO has also said that there will be a public acknowledgement of the issue and an apology issued with respect to the incident. The CSO also, reportedly, said that immediate warnings will be issued to the Cyclops guards to "refrain from moral policing and harassment of students" and they will go through gender sensitisation sessions conducted by the JNUSU representatives. "We wish to reiterate that the JNUSU shall not tolerate any actions that constitute moral policing and shall steadfastly defend the principles of gender justice," she added.

The students, led by the JNUSU, have been protesting for the campus to be reopened for the past couple of weeks. There's also a simultaneous protest led by the ABVP's JNU unit demanding similar resolutions.

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