VC is our guardian. Why won't he talk to us? VBU students to continue protest against rustication

VBU VC Dr Bidyut Chakrabarty has filed a writ petition against the police administration for not controlling the protest
Students at the protest site (Pic: Sourced)
Students at the protest site (Pic: Sourced)

After the Visva-Bharati University filed a writ petition with the Calcutta High Court against the inaction of the police administration in controlling the students' protest, the students said that it is unfortunate that the VC would file cases with the HC but not talk to his own students to resolve the issue. The petition that was filed on behalf of the VC Bidyut Chakrabarty also asked for the court's intervention to bring back normalcy on campus.

The students have been protesting the rustication of three students — Falguni Pan (I MA Economics), Rupa Chakraborty (II MA Hindustani Classical Music) and Somnath Sow (I MA Economics), for the past five days in front of the VC's residence. The varsity has also suspended their admission procedure and publication of results citing that the VC is "under siege" and he is operative in the process. "The VC is our guardian and it is extremely unfortunate that he would go to court to have us removed from here rather than talk to us," said Falguni. "This is a dark day for the students and the education sector in general. We will continue our agitation against the VC's attempt to dismantle our protest by propagating lies," he added.

VBU has officially rusticated the three students accused of an "alleged act of gross indiscipline and misconduct". It's been five days and the students have been protesting in front of the Vice-Chancellor's residence since. The sit-in, they said, will continue till their rustication is revoked. They have also garnered some support from not just their classmates but from civil society.

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