This boy from a travelling drama troupe family wanted to stop after SSLC. But Karnataka's Education Minister came to his rescue

The Higher Education Department has also provided a tab to encourage him to continue his studies and watch recorded videos related to the syllabi 
What makes Mounesh's story unique? Read on!! Pic: EdexLive
What makes Mounesh's story unique? Read on!! Pic: EdexLive

When Mounesh M passed his SSLC exam this year, he scored 90 per cent. But he decided not to continue his studies and work along with his parents. Little did this young boy know that destiny had different plans for him. Mounesh comes from a socially and economically challenged family which doesn't stay in a single city, village or town. They move from one place to another in search of work, shelter and a lot more. Mounesh explains, "Our family is known for performing stories from epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and other mythological tales. We go to different places wearing different costumes that are characters in these stories and perform for people. In return, they pay us in the form of money or food with which we lead our lives."

After Dr CN Ashwathnarayan, Higher Education Minister learnt about Mounesh's results and the situation at his home, he promised that the government will provide all the financial help for the next three years to the boy. They have also provided him with a tablet to encourage him to continue his studies and watch recorded videos related to the syllabus.

As promised, last month, Mallappa, Principal of Government Polytechnic College in Ballari's Kudligi heard about Mounesh. He explains, "We went to his home and convinced him to pursue his higher education. We also promised him that the college will take care of his academic expenses for the next three years. He and his parents agreed to it and we immediately enrolled him for a Diploma in Cyber Physical Systems and Security. This diploma is available only in two colleges in Karnataka and there are very limited numbers."

What makes Mounesh's story unique is though there was nobody to help him study for his SSLC exams. He ensured that he attended online classes with his friends and revised the syllabus. In fact, Mounesh is the first person among all the generations in his family to pursue higher education. He explains, "I have been staying in the hostel facility provided by this college. The books, food and uniform are given for free. Currently, my aim is to complete this programme. Later, I will take a decision on whether I have to work or continue my studies."

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