Now, foreign board students can take admissions in CBSE schools without prior approval 

The Board has released a list of equivalency of Classes X and XII foreign board with similar classes of CBSE   
Representational image (Picture: Express illustrations)
Representational image (Picture: Express illustrations)

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has permitted affiliated schools to admit students from foreign boards without any prior approval. Therefore, the Board has released a list of equivalency of Classes X and XII of foreign boards with similar classes of the CBSE. Students can check the website for this list. 

As per the list, if the name of a Board from where a student is migrating from is available on this list, then the Board can provide admission to the student joining a CBSE school. Earlier, whenever students from foreign boards migrated to CBSE schools, they would apply through their school to the CBSE to seek approval and admission in Classes IX to XII, based on the equivalency. 

In a statement released by the CBSE, it read that a lot of families are shifting to India from other countries due to the pandemic and various other reasons. Therefore, a lot of students are joining CBSE schools. Considering the current situation and problems faced by students and families, the CBSE decided to admit them without prior approval. 

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