Bihar engineering student develops 'medi-robot' to help doctors, nurses check COVID patients

Patna-based 20-year-old engineering student Akansha has developed a 'robot' that assists in basic checkup of patients
Representative Image (Pic: PTI)
Representative Image (Pic: PTI)

Aimed at assisting medical staff involved in treating COVID-19 infected people, a Patna-based young engineering student has developed a 'robot' that assists in basic checkup of patients. The 20-year-old engineering student, Akansha, said, "A variety of drugs are being used to fight the Coronavirus. Also, people are being given COVID vaccines at hospitals during this period. However, I feel that there is a shortage of doctors and hospital staff in the country and the state."

The young student said she developed a "medi-robot", with help from her father, to assist doctors and medical practitioners. "Along with my father, Yogesh Kumar, I developed this 'medi-robot' and we hope it can save lives of several doctors and medical staff," said Akansha.

The robot performs a basic medical examination of an infected patient and with real-time data. Also, with the help of this robot, the amount of glucose in the blood, the amount of oxygen in the blood, heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, weight, ECG and so on can also be checked with a wireless stethoscope.

"The basic function of the robot is to deliver medicine, food, water, nebulizer and oxygen to the infected person," said Akansha and added that the robot can rotate 360 degrees by using a high-resolution vision camera fitted on it. She elaborated that the 'medi-robot' can carry out hospital surveillance; communication via video conferencing between doctor and patient (using a high-resolution camera). The robot can also help in carrying video conferencing at public spaces such as railway station, bus stands, offices by using a unique QR code. With the help of this technique, doctors can issue an e-prescribtion to the patients in home isolation as well.

Akanksha has been selected for the final round of the Vishwakarma Award for Students of All India Technical Education Campus under the Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India. "Cabinet Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad has also appreciated the invention and assured all possible help", she said.

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