Cancellation is the only way: Teachers and students react to DU's decision to postpone exams to June 7

The teachers had made the appeal to cancel exams for all last year as well but the UGC came out with a notification that final-year students need to sit for exams
Delhi University (Pic:PTI)
Delhi University (Pic:PTI)

The University of Delhi might have finally decided that the end semester exams for final year students will be postponed to June 7, 2021, but not all the teachers and students are happy about it.

While the DU Teachers' Association President Dr Rajib Ray said that they still stand strong with their previous demand for complete cancellation of exams. They want the university to opt for alternative evaluation methods. "We are still saying what we said last year — exams should be cancelled and the university should opt for evaluation from the previous semester marks and internal assessment. If it can be done for the students from other years it can be done for the final year students as well," said Dr Ray. But he also added that there might be students who did not fare well in the previous exams and would want to opt for the exams but they speak for the majority, for whom cancellation would be a better option. Students too are not very happy with the move. "We still don't know when the pandemic will end or even the number of cases will come down. Deciding a date at this point is just futile," said a student who wanted to stay anonymous.

The SFI too had said something similar a week ago. They went a step ahead and said that students should be given options to chose from — they feel that the students should be given an option to go either with OBE, internal assessments or evaluation through assignments. "The ones who want to apply for Masters need to get done with their UG but if someone is willing to wait and go for even the offline exams, they should have the option," Sumit Kataria, SFI's Delhi State Committee President told EdexLive when they put their demands forward.

More than 400 students of the University of Delhi's St Stephen's College had also written to the acting Vice-Chancellor Dr PC Joshi and the Principal of the college Dr John Varghese, asking them to cancel all undergraduate semester exams. But their demands went to deaf ears as the university came out with the notification today. The final date sheets have not been announced yet even though the exams are less than a month away.

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