Give options on exam mode to each final-year UG student: Why SFI's demands of DU are a tall order 

While the reasons behind demands of cancellation remain the same SFI's demands for multiple choice on assessment mode is unique
Delhi University | Pic: Wikimedia
Delhi University | Pic: Wikimedia

The Students' Federation of India (SFI) has demanded that the University of Delhi should cancel all exams and give the third-year students multiple evaluation modes that they can choose from. 

While the reasons behind demands of cancellation remain the same — increasing cases of COVID-19 and students and faculty contracting the virus — the SFI's demands for multiple choice on assessment mode is unique, and a bit much. "We were initially against Open Book Examinations (OBE) as there is no alternative to offline exams. But now, in this situation, it might be the way out along with other online modes of evaluation," said Sumit Kataria, SFI's Delhi State Committee President. "But the students should be given an option to either go with OBE, internal assessments or evaluation through assignments. The ones who want to apply for Masters need to get done with their UG but if someone is willing to wait and go for even the offline exams, they should have the option," said Sumit.

The students have been going through a lot. It's not just the mental pressure of the pandemic anymore. They are also having to deal with COVID-19 themselves or help their family members who are fighting the virus. "When the university decides on these issues, they should discuss it with the students as well as they are the ones affected by these decisions," said Abhijit ML, a third-year student of BA in Political Science from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and a member of SFI's Delhi State Committee.

"Particular care should be given in engaging with the issues raised by final year students. For the third year students, options has to be given to each student to chose to ensure that the best of their interest is protected. The University can look into having their evaluation on the basis of assignments also by allowing students to place new submissions or on the basis of their marks from the previous semester along with OBE," read the list of demands. "Only such a heterogeneous solution is an amicable solution to the varied concerns of the final year students," It added. 

The demands placed by Akhil KM, SFI's DU convenor, said that the university should clarify its stand on entrance exams and attendance criteria as well. "The University shall bring in clarity in the details regarding the attendance criteria for the semester. The minimum attendance criteria shall be ruled out considering the digital divide and the distressing environment which sustained throughout the semester, "

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