When COVID doesn't stop Assembly elections, should it be allowed to put student body polls on hold?

Students in Jaipur protested against the government's lack of response to their demands to conduct student body elections; get detained by police
Image for representation | Pic: Express
Image for representation | Pic: Express

University students protested at Shahid Smark in Jaipur on December 25, demanding student body elections in varsities across the state.

They started marching towards Civil Lines to lay siege to the Chief Minister's residence, forcing police to use mild force against them. Several students were detained and later released.
Later, a delegation of the students met an official of the CM's office, who assured them that their demands will be looked into. "We had been protesting at the main gate of Rajasthan University for the past 40 days over demands for student union elections and free education but we were not heard. Therefore, a protest march was held," student leader Lokendra Singh Raithaliya said.
Raithaliya said that student elections have not taken place for the past two years due to the Coronavirus pandemic. "When the Assembly bypolls and other elections can take place, then can they not conduct elections of student bodies? We have been demanding this for over a month. An official from the CM's office has assured us that our demands will be conveyed to the Chief Minister," he said.

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