A helping hand: Why did NIT Calicut distribute free seeds to farmers?

With the aim of carbon neutrality in mind, the institute launched the initiative to familiarise youth with agrarian culture
NIT Calicut | Pic: Wikimedia Commons
NIT Calicut | Pic: Wikimedia Commons

As part of the Green Campus Mission project launched by the National Institute of Technology- Calicut in collaboration with Koodaranji Krishi Bhavan, seeds of about 15 varieties of crops were distributed free of cost to the farmers. The initiative was launched with the objective of expanding the activities of the campus to achieve carbon neutrality.

Principal Agriculture Officer Shasi Ponnana received the seeds and handed them over to farmers' representatives who attended the function. "In the current context, the importance of bringing agrarian culture that has alienated from our society to the youth through the campus was the highlight of the project", said NIT-C director Dr Prasad Krishna.

Dr Lisa Sreejith, Agro Club coordinator, explained the organic farming practices being implemented on the campus. As part of the programme, farmers were provided with coriander, muringa, onion, flower seeds, castor, rajmalli (red/yellow), Chinese amaranth or Chinese spinach, nutmeg, maize, sunflower, papaya, green chillies, groundnut and fenugreek seeds. The principal agriculture officer informed that the department of agriculture will take steps to expand the existing organic vegetable garden on the campus utilising financial assistance under the vegetable garden development scheme.

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