For any country to flourish and develop, it is important to draw from its roots: VP Venkaiah Naidu at Rishihood University 

The Founding Chancellor of this Delhi-based university is Rajya Sabha member Suresh Prabhu. Other founding members were also present for the occasion  
At the inauguration | (Pic: Rishihood University)
At the inauguration | (Pic: Rishihood University)

The inauguration of Rishihood University, with its focus on prepping leaders in the next generations in the areas of building the nation and creating social impact, was done by Vice President (VP) of India, M Venkaiah Naidu on December 18 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

“For any country to flourish and develop, it is important to draw from its roots. I’m happy to be inaugurating Rishihood University today and I congratulate all faculty and students at this educational institution,” shared the VP at the inauguration. The host of the inauguration ceremony was Suresh Prabhu, Founding Chancellor and Rajya Sabha member. Other founding members like Motilal Oswal, Dr Chinmay Pandya and Ashok Goel were also present at the event and shared their thoughts too.

“India’s spiritual wisdom provides solutions to many of the pressing problems of today such as sustainability, mental health, global peace and harmony. As the name signifies, our objective is to inspire the students, faculty and the community to attain ‘Rishihood’, the state of being a Rishi. Passionate and conscious individuals can create prosperous and harmonious societies. I am delighted to support this mission as the Founding Chancellor,” shared Suresh Prabhu.

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Since the focus of the university is going to be social impact, it has launched initiatives like Center for Water and Center for Innovation in Governance. It will also provide a gap year programme for graduates from high school, faculty development programmes (FDP) for K12 and higher education and much more. The university believes that an ecosystem approach is more suited to learning than anything else and sees itself as India’s social impact university.

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