Three government school headmasters in Odisha's Odapada block deprived of full pensions at the age of 80

They now move from pillar to post from Block education office to District education office and collectorate
Image for representational purpose only (Pic: PTI)
Image for representational purpose only (Pic: PTI)

Three Government school headmasters of Odapada block have been harassed for years even after retirement and yet to avail their full upgraded pension for over 20 years.

They now move from pillar to post from Block education office to District education office and collectorate. One of the headmasters passed away four years ago and his wife is getting family pension less than due pension amount.

They are now getting pension as assistance teacher instead of HM. The three headmasters are Loknath Sahoo who died at age of 75 in 2017 and retired as headmaster of Badalu primary school 1999. The other two headmasters are Surendra Nayak (80) who retired as headmaster in April 2000 from Malvido UP school school , Badalu GP and another Nabakishore Sahoo (80) who retired as headmaster of Siridi primary school in April 2000.

Though the two headmasters who are crossing 80 but hopeless whether they will get their enhanced HM pension or not. They both have been complying documents to concerned BEO office but return disappointed in their every attempt in the last 21 yrs. Soubhagyaranjan Sahoo, son of Nabakishore informed he has been running to Odapada BEO office several times in the last ten years and has submitted all due documents of his father but only promises getting from BEO office.

Similarly Surendra Nayak told he has visited with all his due documents submitted to Odapada BEO office but yet to get his HM pension . Though they had sent their complaints in Pension Adalat in the previous years but none paid heed to their genuine grievances.

However District Education officer Nibedita Pany informed she will look into the matter soon. Odapada BEO Abhimanyu Sethi could not be contacted despite several attempts. DEO office sources said today DEO has directed Odapada BEO Abhimanyu Sethi today to clear their dues as soon as possible.

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