Mammoth Tragedy: Student gets too close to elephant herd for a selfie, gets killed

According to his friends, Pranjal Kumar was excited by the herd that was passing by and wanted to take a selfie, but got too close
Elephants in herd (Picture: PTI)
Elephants in herd (Picture: PTI)

In a shocking incident, a college student was trampled to death by an elephant when he was trying to take a selfie with a herd that was passing through the Mohammadi forest range in Lakhimpur Kheri district. According to reports, 20-year-old Pranjal Kumar had gone to see the herd of wild elephants with friends Ankit and Gaurav. Excited, he got too close to the herd while taking a selfie and was attacked by an elephant.

Pranjal was grievously injured and rushed to the hospital, but he succumbed during treatment. The herd consisted of about two dozen elephants, including two calves. Wildlife experts believe that the elephant probably thought that the victim was approaching the calves. This is an instinct elephants have had to develop over the years since the increase in poaching activities. 

Gaurav, who was with Pranjal, said, "We stayed back but Pranjal went too close and suddenly an elephant came out from nowhere and wrapped him in his trunk, slammed him to the ground and trampled him. We were scared and ran away." Range Officer Mobin Arif said, "We have been advising the locals to stay away from the wild elephants. The elephant herd is continuously moving to and fro between Dudhwa Reserve forests and the social forestry area in Mohammadi."

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