VCs have been reduced to CEOs of varsities by this government: Abha Dev who's running for DUTA Prez

While the short term issues can still be managed, the long term ones need to be taken care of urgently
Delhi University (Pic:PTI)
Delhi University (Pic:PTI)

Very few Vice-Chancellors appointed in recent times stand up for what's good for the university and the newly appointed VC of the University of Delhi would not be any different, said Dr Abha Dev Habib, a professor of Physics at Miranda House. She is the Treasurer for the DU Teachers' Association and is contesting for the post of DUTA President this year.

The DUTA is yet to meet the new VC and will do so when he comes on campus but even before speaking to him, Dr Habib said that the vibes do not point to a hopeful outcome. "From the interviews, he has given till now he has spoken about how the formulation is not important, net implementation is important (and that is worrisome). The VCs do not talk about the larger issues. They are either quiet or siding with the government. They have been made CEOs of the universities. Arguments about whether a policy is right for their university is not being allowed by the government," said Dr Habib.

Even if we talk about university-specific issues, there are short term and long term issues. While the short term ones can still be managed, the long term ones need to be taken care of urgently. "While teachers will be struggling to manage both online and offline modes when the university opens up gradually, the issue is that there is a shortage of teachers and there are 4,000 ad hoc teachers. The government does not even acknowledge their existence," she said.

The DUTA polls are scheduled for November 26, this year and Dr Habib is one of the hopefuls. She represents the Democratic Teachers' Federation (DTF). 

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