Govt teachers in Tamil Nadu to donate whopping Rs 125 Crore for COVID relief. Here's how  

Teachers who are members of various organisations have come forward to donate a day's salary to the CM's relief fund
Representative Image (Pic: PTI)
Representative Image (Pic: PTI)

The government teachers of Tamil Nadu are all set to donate around Rs 125 Crore to the Chief Minister's Public Relief Fund, as the state is dealing with a second wave of the pandemic. According to a statement by the Tamil Nadu Teachers Association, around 2.9 lakh teachers from across the state are donating a day's salary to the fund.

Apart from them the Joint Action Council of Tamil Nadu Teachers Organisations-Government Employees organisations (JACTTO-GEO), the Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary School Vocational Teachers Kazhagam also said that its members would donate a day’s salary. " The Tamil Nadu Teachers' Association has decided in the Board of Directors meeting that we will assist the Government in the task of saving the people from the Corona epidemic and has decided to donate one day's salary to the Government of Tamil Nadu's Corona Relief Fund," reads a statement. The association also welcomed the 15-day lockdown imposed by the government, as a measure to contain the pandemic.

"We do not have an exact amount of money that will be donated, but considering the member strength of the organisations, it will be somewhat around Rs 125 Crore. Different teachers have different payscales," said P K Ilamaran, President, Tamil Nadu Teachers Association.

On Monday, TNIE had reported of members from another organisation called the Tamil Nadu Thodakkapalli Aasiriyar Mandram also donated a day's salary. "The government is active in its fight against the disease. So, we thought we would also join our CM's fight and decided to contribute a day's salary," said its general Secretary N Shanmuganathan.

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