KL Deemed University students develop e-bike with wireless charging

The e-bike has futuristic features including cell balancing and wireless charging which are only available in a few places around the world
Representative Image | Pic: Wikimedia
Representative Image | Pic: Wikimedia

Students from KL Deemed University have developed a unique e-bike (electric bike) with wireless charging technology.

As per the release by the University today, the innovative prototype was developed by a team of six like-minded students from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of KL College of Engineering along with a few university alumni members.

The e-bike has futuristic features including cell balancing and wireless charging which are only available in a few places around the world. The team developed the initial concept and prototype utilising their free access to state-of-the-art labs and testing facilities provided by the KL Deemed University. The team received mentorship and constant feedback from experts and senior academicians of the university. The varsity has also offered a grant of Rs 1,40,000 to the team to incubate this project idea as a start-up.

The e-bike developed by the team at KLU allows people to travel at a maximum speed of 55 Kmph with a charging capacity that can cover between 85 to 100 kilometres in standard conditions in a single recharge that takes 5 hours. The charging technology is coupled with the programmable cell balancing feature that releases maximum battery potential for a long-lasting charge. The team has retrofitted an existing bike and modified it into a prototype for e-bikes with wireless charging. The team carried out several variations in the design of the bike which include incorporating the BLDC motor (Brushless DC electric motor) to gear modules through the controller.

Appreciating the endeavor and achievement of the students, Er Koneru Satyanarayana, President, KL Deemed University said, "This project of wirelessly chargeable e-bike is a testimony to the innovative mindset and futuristic approach of the KL University students. I am happy to see the students coming up with such innovative ideas and technologies. While the whole faculty appreciate the passion and the hard work of these students, we reiterate the vision of the University to focus on research and innovation for long-term benefits to the students as well as to the country. We are certain that this inspires students everywhere to dream big and follow them."

"We got interested in building prototypes and participating in competitions from the lab activities during our first year itself. The lab-based projects at the KL University provided a strong foundation on working with the components, measurements, machines, and power electronics. We are proud to successfully complete this project of wirelessly chargeable e-Bike with the team effort and valuable mentoring from our faculty members", added M Satyardha Pravashik, who is a BTech EEE final-year student.

Among other team members who were part of the project were Charan Sai Tiruvuri, A Sandeep, Kireeti Polasi, S Lokesh Babu, V Sai Praveen, students from B.Tech EEE 2017 batch, and K Yashwanth Sai who are alumni of the EEE Department.

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