After Disha Ravi's arrest, students of University College, Thiruvananthapuram starts a Toolkit-making competition

Interested students are free to send the documents that they make via WhatsApp to the KSU members before February 28
University College Thiruvananthapuram
University College Thiruvananthapuram

All that it took Greta Thunberg was a single tweet. Suddenly everyone in India was discussing her toolkit supporting the ongoing farmers' protest. The storm had almost died down until Disha Ravi, a 21-year-old climate change activist and student was arrested by the Delhi Police on February 13, for allegedly editing the toolkit.

Since the toolkit is the talk of the town, the Kerala Students' Union unit of University College, Thiruvananthapuram have now started a Toolkit-making competition for the students. How is it going to work? Students can send the toolkits they create as a document via WhatsApp to the KSU members before February 28. Now if any of them are confused about what a toolkit is, they have an explanation ready, written at the bottom of the pamphlet. It reads, "A toolkit, simply put, is a document created to explain any issue. It also provides information on what one needs to do to address the issue. This might include information about petitions, details about peaceful protests and mass movements and so on."

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Expanding on the competition, Boban P M, the unit's president says, "Considering the current political scenario of our country, this seemed to be the apt way to protest. Also, this seemed like a perfect competition," he says. The topics, however, are not restricted to the farmers' protest. The participants will be given a list of four to five topics, including the current PSC recruitment issue in Kerala. But are the participants and the organisers not worried about a police action here, we wondered. Boban says, "Not at all. If we fear them, how can we bring about a change in our country?"

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