Students in Channagiri bully Hindi teacher, video goes viral on social media

In one of the videos, students are seen covering the Hindi teacher's head with a dustbin. The teacher chose to remain silent, tolerating the harassment 
Representational image (Picture: Express illustrations)
Representational image (Picture: Express illustrations)

A video of five students from the Government High School in Nallur, Channagiri, misbehaving with their Hindi teacher went viral on Friday, December 10. The incident, which occurred last Monday, has been circulating on major social media platforms since Thursday, leading to outrage against the five students. The public is now demanding strict action against these students.

According to the school authorities, the teacher Prakash, who recently moved from Haveri, was conducting class when one of the students tried to hit him with a dustbin and then put the bin on his head. Prakash had reprimanded the students who were chewing gutka and littering the classroom and told them to maintain discipline, when they started misbehaving.

Prakash told TNIE that some of the students chew gutka and when he advised them to maintain the sanctity of the classrooms, they quarrelled with him and put the bin on him. "I took it lightly and continued my classes. The students also came to classes regularly. However, on Thursday, when the incident went viral, the students were absent. Fearing trouble, I decided not to lodge a complaint even after the arrival of the MLA and DDPI," Prakash said.

MLA Madal Virupakshappa and DDPI Thippeswamy rushed to the school and interacted with the staff. They decided to take it in writing from the students that they would not indulge in such activities in the future and keeping in mind their future careers, the teachers decided not to lodge a police complaint. 

Following this, the villagers have demanded strict action against these students so that it would be a lesson for others. Deputy Commissioner Mahantesh Bilagi said he would collect a report from the DDPI and take action based on that. 

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