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Hyunwoo Thomas Kim, Co-Founder of Kross Komics talks about his plans to take Korean digital comics to Indian youth
Hyunwoo Thomas Kim, Founder, Kross Komics
Hyunwoo Thomas Kim, Founder, Kross Komics

Remember the long train journeys every summer vacation and how you would always have a copy of Tinkle to keep you entertained throughout the trip? Comics were a huge part of our childhood. Unfortunately, in India, comics are still seen as entertainment only for kids. Korean entrepreneur Hyunwoo Thomas Kim, hopes to change that through his online platform, a webtoon app called Kross Komics.

Hyunwoo says, "Traditionally, the Indian comic Industry has been limited to physical comics for kids. The whole concept of digital comics for young adults is very new in the country. With Kross Komics, we aim to introduce young India to this concept by bringing in the world's best selling titles and content."

Kross Komics provides digital webtoons across various genres like romance, comedy, action, thriller, horror, to name a few. These are available in three languages currently — English, Hindi and Telugu — and the aim is to expand to most indian languages in the future. Apart from the stunning graphics and interesting webtoons, the new version of the app offers tons of other user-friendly features like 'wait' or 'pay' system where a user has the flexibility to either wait for a few days for the next episode to release or pay a nominal amount to read immediately. Along with that, other features like dark mode and a comment section under each title are also available in the new version.  

The app has crossed over 3 million downloads on the Google Play Store so far. Kross Komics is the only app that is currently providing Korean webtoons in India. Hyunwoo adds, "The demand for Korean content, be it K pop, drama, and beauty has grown exponentially over the past few years across the globe, as well as in India. With all of the other content, we've seen a huge growth in webtoons in various parts of the world, with a ton of them being made into motion pictures and drama series. With the same kind of enthusiasm seen in India as well with all things Korean, it's only a matter of time before Wwebtoons also sees a similar growth."

Apart from improving on their UX & UI and adding more top-selling titles onto the app, Kross Komics also plans to get as close to the local audience with their content as possible. "For example, our future plan is to work with local content creators and artists as well, along with introducing as many local languages as possible," says Hyunwoo. 

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