Axis Bank launches hiring initiative Gig-a-Opportunities, to hire up to 1,000 professionals in a year

Gig-a-Opportunities typically will have full-time permanent jobs and also project-specific jobs with a fixed term that can finish in eight months or a year
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Axis Bank has plans to employ nearly 1,000 people under its new hiring initiative 'Gig-a-Opportunities', a model devised to attract skilled talent that can work with the bank remotely, from anywhere in the country, according to a company official.

This hiring model comprises two working patterns, first is a full-time permanent job and the second is based on the duration of a project.

"Our idea is that Gig would be large (regular) jobs. We wanted to make it as effective as a normal job would have been for anyone both in terms of being content with the job or what people learn from their jobs. Over the next year, we will add 800-1,000 people working through this model and that is the minimum I am saying," Rajesh Dahiya, Executive Director (Corporate Centre), Axis Bank said.

Earlier, the mindset was that for work, you have to come to the office, but now this work from home concept has changed many things, he said.

Stating that people were hesitant in the first place about working from home, Dahiya said but now they have got used to it and this is proving to be very productive and also very efficient. He said the bank will look for good talent, including young people, experienced mid-level professionals and women, from across the country.

'Gig-a-Opportunities' typically will have full-time permanent jobs and also project-specific jobs with a fixed term that can finish in 8 months or a year, he added. Dahiya said Axis Bank is offering these opportunities not on a part-time basis but "these are full-fledged jobs", which will be as per the industry standards.

"We have put up many job roles under this initiative on our website and under each head we will take many people. Just in the 3-4 days of opening this platform, we are sitting with more than 3,000 CVs from all over India. We don't want to compromise on the quality of the people and hence we will not compromise on the compensation also," he added.

Dahiya said the first batch from 'Gig-a-Opportunities' is expected to be enrolled from October 1 or 2 and hence onwards it will become an ongoing process.

Stating that banking today has changed drastically in view of evolving technologies, he said it is not necessary that one has to be from the banking background to apply for these jobs.

"Today I have more than 700 people working in the IT (information technology) department, I have 250 people who work in the digital department who make my app and all that. I have more than 500 people who are in data analytics and I have 400 plus people in my HR department," Dahiya said. So Axis Bank is a company which employs over 80,000 people, he said adding that then there are group companies as well.

"Banking jobs today are not only core banking jobs." "We work with people, we work with technology. There have been migration, job losses, etc, we have been looking for good people. With good people we will be able to do good jobs," Dahiya said.

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