CuproHealthTech, incubated at IIT Kanpur on verge of launching automatic disinfectant chambers for public spaces

Disinfectant chambers are closed cabins where disinfectant is sprayed on the individual to sanitize/disinfect him/her completely
IIT Kanpur
IIT Kanpur

CuproHealthTech, which is incubated at IIT Kanpur is on the verge of launching a series of high-end, fully automatic disinfectant chambers that would radically change the way we visit public places. One of the first products that are going through rigorous testing is the 'intelligent disinfectant chamber'. The chamber will determine the temperature of the person before allowing him/her to enter and the AI-powered camera will record the face of the individual and moderate the entry of the individuals.

Once the person enters the chamber, it would completely sanitize the person from top to bottom within seconds. The whole process is completely automatic, without any human intervention. The technology used by Cupro is completely safe for the people.

Disinfectant chambers are closed cabins where disinfectant is sprayed on the individual to sanitize/disinfect him/her completely. Many smaller companies have developed sanitization tunnels out of enthusiasm in the initial days of COVID-19 crisis in India, but none of them was backed by proper research and they did not follow basic safety norms.

"As soon as the world became aware of the threat from this pandemic, IIT Kanpur's researchers proactively took it upon themselves to find solutions for the problems India has been facing in dealing with the outbreak.

The Institute took the early lead in developing technologies to fight COVID-19 and in the last two months, our researchers and the startups incubated at IITK have together developed PPE kit, Ventilator, reusable N95 mask, oxygen concentrator and more. The disinfection chamber is another crucial addition to the repertoire," said Prof Abhay Karandikar, Director, IIT Kanpur here in a statement on Thursday.

Dr Nikhil Agarwal, CEO of IIT Kanpur incubator said, "IIT Kanpur is now India's pioneering centre for developing technologies for fighting Covid-19. CuproHealthtech is launching the disinfectant chambers that would define the market in the whole new way. We are working with the team closely to ensure the best possible support".

The founder of CuproHealthTech, Dr Madhu Vasepalli, one of the leading doctors of Hyderabad said, "Our technology will be superior to any western technology. We want to fulfil the dream of the honourable PM by having world-class health technologies in India". Cdr (retd) Suchin Jain is Co-Founder and CTO of the company. Cdr Jain took premature retirement from Indian Navy six years back where he was one of the pioneers for designing indigenous warships, some of the most complex machines India ever produced. Cdr Jain told us, "We want to ensure the complete safety of the persons visiting any public premises. Our smart machines will not only completely disinfect the person but also able to trace the data in case of asymptomatic patients." On further disclosing the technical details, CdrSuchin Jain refused to disclose the technology used.

He said at the time of launch, more technical details will be shared. CuproHealthTech is a health technology firm based out of Hyderabad while Cupro is incubated at Foundation for Innovation & Research in Science & Technology (FIRST) a technology incubator of IIT Kanpur.

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