She shouldn't have run away at a tough time like this: NSUI President on Ruchi Gupta's resignation

The NSUI National In-charge quit the organisation and Congress on Saturday, through a WhatsApp message
Ruchi Gupta (Pic: NSUI)
Ruchi Gupta (Pic: NSUI)

The INC's student body was rocked by another resignation over the weekend. The resignation of the former National In-charge Ruchi Gupta will not affect the student-political organisation in any way, says its National President Neeraj Kundan. Kundan added that Gupta shouldn't have "run away from her responsibilities" at a difficult time like this.

Gupta had resigned from the Congress and the NSUI on December 19, over a WhatsApp message. Responding to an opinion piece by her that criticises the top Congress leadership, she tweeted, "I regret to announce that I have resigned. I am grateful to Rahul Ji and Sonia Ji (Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi) for giving me this opportunity."

"At a time like this, one shouldn't have run away from their responsibility, but rather, should have stayed. The resignation was the easiest option in front of her," says Kundan. "It was not good on her part to have done something to hurt the organisation," he added. Gupta, as part of her resignation, had also said that important organisational changes have remained pending for very long in the party. Not denying her allegation, Kundan says, "However, it is a political process and it takes time. A delay doesn't mean that you resign and run away"

Adding that her resignation cannot hurt the organisation in any way, he says, "We have our cadre in the grassroots level, who have been working hard. We have had various leaders leave in the past and their changes never affected NSUI." He adds, "She should have at least looked at the privileges and positions that she received in the organistaion before revealing these openly."

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