Despite the pandemic, adoption agencies up their game to find foster parents abroad for four orphan kids

Parents who are willing to adopt these four kids with special needs can visit India only after the restrictions on international flights are lifted after December 31
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Representational image

Amid the COVID-19 situation, four orphans including three with special needs and another differently-abled between child aged between one-three years have found their foster parents abroad.

While three couples who have shown interest in adoption are from the US, one is from Italy. They have come forward to adopt after getting the Medical Examination Report (MER) and Child Study Report (CSR). The Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) that comes under the Ministry of Women & Child Development has been working as a platform for the adoption centres and those who are keen on adopting children.

The Daya Kiran Adoption Centre at Bhaktharahalli near Kunigal has about 20 such children aged between four months to three years. "We are processing the passport for four children and those willing to adopt will visit only after the restrictions on international flights are lifted after December 31. At a time when people don't show interest in adopting healthy children, these couples from abroad have shown their interest to adopt children with special needs. It is very kind and a humane gesture," remarked district child protection officer Vasanthi Uppar.

She also informed that the process of adoption would have completed in the month of April and May. However, due to the pandemic, the process of adoption was stopped. It resumed in June following which the process of adoption of a ten-year-old boy and an eleven-year-old girl from 'Bala mandir' is in progress. 

The children's helpline number 1089 has got 239 calls between April-September and steps have been taken to resolve the problems, she claimed.

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