Anna University releases list of colleges they are taking action against. Full list here

There are 89 colleges in the list. 12 of the colleges in the list are situated in Kancheepuram, while 7 of them are in Coimbatore
Anna University
Anna University

After much criticism and public outcry, Anna University has finally released a list of 92 affiliated colleges against which it had initiated action. The university had previously found these colleges guilty of deficiencies. Following the same, the teachers, students and their parents had asked the university repeatedly to release the list. A separate copy of the list of colleges that were penalised did the rounds on social media and had listed out 89 of the colleges.

While punitive action has been taken by the university, the COA or the AICTE against a few of them, the university is waiting for required sanctions to take actions against the others. These colleges' deficiencies include lack of minimum faculties, laboratories, infrastructure and other amenities. 

The list reveals that most of these colleges (12) are situated in Kancheepuram, followed by Coimbatore (7). 

Here is the list of colleges compiled from the original list and circulated on social media:

A few days ago, the university had released the list of these colleges along with all other private engineering colleges affiliated to it. This had caused a lot of hue and cry because people wanted a separate list. A few weeks ago, the All India Private Colleges Employees Union had filed a complaint with the Directorate of Vigilance and anti-corruption against the university for not revealing the names of the colleges, even after filing an RTI. The colleges were also penalised with 25 per cent, 50 per cent and 100 per cent deduction intake of students this year. 

One of the colleges on the list claimed that not all inspections were conducted by IIT faculty (as claimed by Anna University) and that the action was taken on only certain departments, and not the entire college, "Anna University doesn't understand the implications of procuring lab equipment for the new course. The time given for corrective action was also less than a week and it was during the elections and following which there were holidays," an official from the college said. They also said that there was a mismatch between the AICTE and the university inspections, "There was a mismatch and a time delay between the two bodies which caused issues. And even when we did submit corrections, they did not rectify it."

(The copy had erroneously mentioned that a separate list had been released by Anna University and has since been corrected to reflect that Anna University released an overall list and pinpointed which colleges had punitive action taken against them)

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