Meet Govinda Saha aka Unseen Friend, who has photoshopped himself with half of Bollywood

Unseen Friend's Instagram page has more than 100k followers and everyone is in love with his posts
Now you see him
Now you see him

If you're active on Instagram, you'd have most probably come across the profile Unseen Friend and seen his genius photoshop tricks. Some of his works are so realistic, that they would put real photographs to shame. For instance, there's a photograph where he's placed himself right next to Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma in a selfie that they took during their honeymoon. Aptly, he captioned it 'Pati Patni Aur Woh', which translates to husband, wife and somebody, after a popular Bollywood film. In another photograph, he's sitting right next to Amitabh Bachchan, who is working on his laptop. In yet another hilarious image, he replaced Taimur with himself in Saif Ali Khan's family portrait. 

Who exactly is he? We thought of finding it out. He's Govinda Saha, an entrepreneur from Doimukh in Arunachal Pradesh. Inspired by Kirby Jenner's quirky Instagram profile where he photoshops himself with the Kar, Govinda wanted to also give it a shot. "I thought of doing the same with Bollywood celebrities. The idea was to use the skills which I learned from YouTube videos and make people laugh with the pictures," he says.

Govinda admits that he started posting photographs casually at first, but he was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by the comments he received. Well, why not. Some of the people who commented on his photos include Anurag Kashyap, Anand Ahuja and Banita Sandhu. "Once Anand Ahuja sent me a message asking to photoshop him with his wife Sonam Kapoor while she was at Cannes Film Festival. He was pretty happy with what I made for him and I had so much fun doing that. We exchanged messages and he shared the photo in his stories.

Even though Govinda has quite a lot of photoshopped images with celebrities, unfortunately, he doesn't have a single original photo. But again, he has a very relevant question here. "Wouldn't people think it's photoshopped too?" he asks.  

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