Rashtriya Shiksha Ayog to be the custodian of new education policy: Prof MK Sridhar

The affiliation college system must end and only autonomous degree-granting colleges should exist, said Prof MK Shridhar
Prof MK Sridhar shared excerpts of the draft National Education Policy in Mangaluru (Pic: Express)
Prof MK Sridhar shared excerpts of the draft National Education Policy in Mangaluru (Pic: Express)

The excerpts of the draft National Education Policy(NEP) 2019 was shared by Prof MK Sridhar, a senior academician from the state, and a member of the committee constituted to frame New Education Policy headed by Prof K Kasturi Rangan, in Mangaluru on Sunday.

Addressing a discussion on the policy, Prof MK Shridhar said, "We have come up with a new formula of 5+3+3+4 (earlier 10+2+3) according to which high-quality education must be provided to children between the ages of 3 to 6. The medium of instruction will be in their regional or mother tongue and we will follow the three-language formula for language learning. There should not be formal learning. The curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities must not be separated. If a student is learning yoga or music it must be as important as the curricular activity for their overall development. Occasional education must be part and parcel of education. In school education system we have planed school complexes where it must provide the best laboratory, a playground and occasional teachers."

There should be school regulating authority and Directorate of school education must maintain the government schools. Board examinations must be changed into call examinations. No specific date must be fixed for the examination. Whenever the student is ready for it, the school must conduct examinations.

"Higher education must be a continuation of school education. Under the present education policy, under graduation is the most neglected. At present, there are only three major streams - arts, science and commerce. There are no other choices for students. The course must be a liberal and broad manner and must not compel students to opt for only three streams. We have plans to introduce a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Studies(BLAS). The under graduation studies must become a foundation stone for specialization. The three-year degree course can be extended to 4 years. College must issue a certificate after the first year, a diploma in the second year, a degree in the third year and the fourth year must be highly research oriented. There should be multiple exits and entry or lateral entry or exit system," he said that the education policy even existed in Nalanda and Gurukula system and the present colonial education system must end.

The affiliation college system must end and only autonomous degree-granting colleges should exist. At present, there are over 40,000 colleges and 800 universities which must be consolidated and limited only up to 15,000. All the colleges and universities must come under a single National Research Foundation. We have also plans to take guidance from several retired professors and scientists who can be appointed as mentors. Rashtriya Shiksha Ayog must be the custodian for it the new education policy headed by the prime minister and education minister, the central ministry, chief ministers, bureaucrats, professionals must be part of it, he said.

M K Shridhar further said, "The public can share their opinion on the draft education policy till June 30. One need not come to an immediate conclusion or analysis on the draft." He also clarified that the policy drafted by a committee headed by K Kasturirangan will not be implemented immediately but at least take next 10 years. P S Yadapadithaya in new vice-chancellor of Mangalore University also said that the draft National Education Policy will be a transformation of the present system.

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