Are the literacy preraks in Kerala striking in vain?

The literacy preraks have been on a strike from December 5, raising a set of demands, including getting their entire remuneration paid
Image for representational purpose only
Image for representational purpose only

The literacy preraks across Kerala have been protesting against the Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority since December 5. They had been demanding that the authority pay them their full remuneration, relax their termly targets and provide them pensions after retirement. However, the authorities from the KSLMA suggest that the strike isn't headed in the right direction and may not be successful.

"KSLMA is helpless. We won't be able to resolve the issues that the preraks have raised," says Pradeep Kumar S, PRO, KSLMA."Only 40 per cent of their remuneration is disbursed by the literacy mission. The rest is the Kerala Government's responsibility. We have always been disbursing the money promptly," he says.

He adds that their wages for December will also be given to them, based on their daily productivity report. However, since the preraks have been on a strike since the beginning of the month, there are chances of them not receiving their entire remuneration for the month.

"KSLMA receives a grant of Rs 17 Crore a year. For us to disburse their entire honorarium, the government will have to release more funds. Also, their termly targets were set by the government," he says. "All KSLMA employees are employed on a contract basis. It is up to the government to provide them permanent employment," he adds. 

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