Police bands across Tamil Nadu will soon play for the public in new reach-out initiative

The police bands, which till now have never performed for the public will now appear at malls, parks, beaches and other areas that attract the common crowd in order to connect 
The Chennai police band had recently played at a mall during a festive season | Shakar Pappu/ Facebook
The Chennai police band had recently played at a mall during a festive season | Shakar Pappu/ Facebook

In a new and novel initiative to increase the connection between the public and the cops, an order by Director General of Police, TK Rajendran will bring the reputed police bands to the common streets and among the public. Police music bands usually perform during Independence Day and Republic Day functions. The DG has ordered all the music bands attached to all district and city police units to select prominent public places and perform at weekends.

The circular issued by the top officer reasoned that such an exercise would help in building a good rapport with public. Recently the band attached to Chennai city police performed at a couple of shopping malls in the city. The bands will be performing popular cinema tunes, Carnatic songs, European songs and police tunes for almost an hour every weekend, said a senior police officer.

"This would be a new experience both for the public and the band. For the public who come to enjoy the beach, park and mall, a little music around the corner would be enhancing," said an officer in the Chennai city police band, which has 33 people led by an officer of the Sub-Inspector rank. 

The sole role of a police band member is to play the music and is generally not given any other responsibility."Nobody says no to music and it can be a stress-buster," said another senior officer, addint that "This would be a way of cultivating a good rapport between the police and public." 

The Chennai police band has musicians playing drums, snare drums, clarionet, trumpet, saxophone, tuba and cymbals.

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