Tips to crack NEET 2019: Here are the best strategies to solve the question paper to boost your score

You need to strategically solve the NEET question paper in order to save time and avoid negative marking
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Attempting the NEET exam in the correct and a planned way will surely help you to score really good marks. You need to be very clear about how you are going to attempt the paper. You must be clever in choosing the right topics to finish it on time and avoid any negative markings in order to boost your score. Here are some tips that would help you in making the right decision:

Managing your Time

On a whole, you have 180 questions in a NEET examination and for which you are allowed 180 minutes. So this means that you have 1 minute for each question. It is expected that 140 out of 180 questions would be based on theory or simple numerical sums which won't take more than half a minute. So, on a difficulty level, you have 3 minutes for the most difficult and 2 minutes for a difficult one and 1 minute for the easier ones. 

Managing your time according to the subject

Among the three subjects, Biology is the most scoring one which has a major total of 360 marks out of 720. Therefore you must try to complete the biology section in 45 minutes and target 82 right answers out of 90 questions. Following that are Chemistry and Physics which would require 35 correct answers out of 45 each which can take around 60 to 65 minutes each. You can start with Biology then Chemistry then to Physics which has proved most useful however the order is not of much importance. You can practice these timings at home by setting up the stopwatch for the suggested time for each subject. Building your strategy is the most important while preparing for the exam pattern.

Other things to pay attention to

You must have clarity on the questions and the answers you give to try to avoid negative marking. Every negative mark that is avoided is also a mark gained.

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