Stay calm and CA on: This is how CA topper Mohit Gupta cracked the exam while working

Advanced planning and time management are two critical factors crucial in preparing for competitive exams
Hard-work, perseverance and dedication are Mohit's mantras | (Representative message)
Hard-work, perseverance and dedication are Mohit's mantras | (Representative message)

How many hours do you need to study to become a CA topper? Mohit Gupta, the Karnal boy who topped CA exams with 73.88% this year, tells CA aspirants all this and more as he shares his strategy on to ace the test. From studying for hours during his articleship at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to not losing his cool because of the immense pressure, Mohit has a lot to share about his journey between being a young CA aspirant and finally nailing it. 

Excerpts from an insightful interview:  

First things first, what was your strategy to study for the exam? How many hours a day?

Any candidate who wants to crack CA needs to be completely focused and sincere. The only strategy that you would need is time management and prior planning. It is the most critical thing when it comes to such competitive exams.Therefore, I focused on that. An aspirant would need at least three months to prepare. This would involve understanding the subjects, taking practice sessions and knowing how to manage time. In the first month, a ten-hour study schedule would suffice. However, the candidate needs to devote at least 14 hours (a day) during the last month for revision. With such a study schedule, a candidate would not be too stressed at the last moment, and can clear his/her exams with a good score.

What or who kept you motivated and why?

My brother has always inspired and motivated me. We used to prepare for the exams together and helped each other understand the concepts better. The support I received from my family also motivated me at all times. This helped me to achieve my dream and become what I am today.

Let's talk about your childhood. Was it tough?

My father was an accountant. I was only seven years old when I lost him. My mother and my grandparents gave me the strength to achieve my dreams and always supported me in everything. 

What is like to be the topper? Please share your thoughts.

I am very happy with my performance. I would like to tell all my peers that they can also achieve their goals in life with hard work and dedication.

Is this your biggest achievement in life so far? What do you plan to do in the future?

Yes, this is one of the biggest achievements in my life and is very close to my heart. For the next 10-15 years, I want to get some good industry experience and develop myself as a finance professional. I also want to serve my country in whichever way I can.

You have been juggling a job and studies. Talk us through your time management process.

The organisation that I had worked with was very supportive.They gave me enough time during the day to prepare for my exams. Cracking CA exams require a lot of sincere effort and dedication. Therefore a person should dedicate three to four months for the preparation. An aspirant can start preparing for 10 hours a day in the first month and eventually increase it to 14 hours. The last month should be kept for detailed revision. If this plan is followed, any student can complete the entire syllabus on time.

What was your major stress buster all this while?

During my free time, I liked to go for a leisurely walk and listen to music. I also enjoyed watching TV series like Friends. Besides this, I am a huge cricket fan. 

Any tips for aspirants? 

The only advice I would like to give future CA aspirants is that don’t leave studies for the last minute. Prepare from the very beginning which would leave you with enough time to revise and strengthen your concepts. Also, don’t panic. You know everything, just stay calm and you will remember the answer. All the best!

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