Beyond the bots, employees will need a human troubleshooter

The experts in this field are required to have specialised knowledge in the science of behaviour in the workplace with in-depth knowledge of organisational development, attitudes and decision theory 
Corporate counsellors administer personality to help individuals discover a career track
Corporate counsellors administer personality to help individuals discover a career track

The future and the current state of corporate psychology (Industrial Organisation Psychology) in the domain of health has been widely discussed. It is going through a phase of readjustment or rather a transition where the integration of the domain is becoming widely accepted. Currently, the domain of corporate psychology is represented through specialist positions with large business industries or consulting firms. It is an evolving sector with a need for specialisation.

The role of a corporate psychologist is to ensure that the employees within a workplace are mentally healthy and happy. They achieve this situation through different workshops or EAPs, and through one-on-one counselling sessions. The future of this field is integrated with these parts of a psychologist’s work. Their focus is on individual employees and their mental health to ensure the company’s productivity. The increased rate of productivity is derived from the employee’s mental health and stability, which is the dominant role of a psychologist.

Currently, the role is performed in small companies through HR teams and recruiters. But, the focus on individual mental health is not being implemented very effectively. Due to a rise in personal and professional issues, the employee’s mental health is being affected, and it is being ignored in most companies. Increased levels of depression and other mental health issues are surfacing inside the companies, and the effect of it is shown in the employee’s professional performance. This is one of the biggest reasons that the field of psychology will thrive in the future.

Achieving big: Dr Prerna is a recipient of the 100 women Achievers Award Winner (2016)

The future of corporate psychology in the domain of mental health looks very bright. Even though the future of other industries looks automated and heavily mechanised, the field of corporate psychology is irreplaceable. There is a possibility that the initial intake of the employee is mechanised or incorporated through automation, but the need for human interaction cannot reduce. 

The need for human warmth and empathy cannot be replaced nor can it be automated. The increase in bots and mechanisations will provide a similar growth structure for the need of a corporate psychologist. As mentioned earlier, the increased mental health issues surfacing will need an empathetic ear. The field of corporate psychology in the domain of mental health will be a need, and not just in the big industries, but will be incorporated in the smaller industries to match the competition.

Corporate counsellors administer personality and interest tests to help individuals discover a career track that best suits their talents and goals. Their role is to collaborate with management to help develop a plan for the future

In conclusion, the future of a corporate psychologist seems very bright. More and more organisations in the services sector such as Hospitality, Healthcare (hospitals) IT, Logistics and others will need corporate psychologists to keep the human workforce motivated. The necessity of the field is shaped by the current times. It shows an upward growth in the graph structure, and the need is increasing through each passing millennium. Bots and machines are replacing the need for human interaction, which is one of the main causes of increased professional issues. Thus, due to an increased need for human interaction, warmth and empathy the field is a growing field. In the distant or even the near future, it will be one of the most sought-after fields.

(The author is one of India’s leading clinical psychologists. She is also a prolific public speaker, workshop facilitator and a holistic practitioner. With over 20 years of experience in counselling individuals, professionals and families, she holds a PhD in Psychology. Dr Prerna Kohli is an alumna of Aligarh Muslim University and a four-time Gold Medalist in Psychology. She has also written for numerous papers and popular journals. Most noteworthy, she is a recipient of the ‘100 women Achievers Award Winner (2016)’ conferred upon to her by Pranab Mukherjee, Former President of India. She offers heart-based workshops and lectures that focus on life balance, self-awareness, and inner peace. She has counselled movie stars, top honchos in business, top executives of MNCs, college students, young professionals, children, elderly and celebrities.)

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