She will have to pay a condonation: College Principal on the return of Love Jihad student Hadiya

When everyone is wondering about the fallout of sending Hadiya back to college, the authorities are firm that they will not let the hype push them to accord her with some celebrity refugee status
Protests in Kerala calling for the release of Hadiya, a few weeks ago
Protests in Kerala calling for the release of Hadiya, a few weeks ago

While the Supreme Court has ordered the Kerala Police to give Love Jihad girl Hadiya, or K M Akhila, protection to return to college, her Principal is largely unperturbed and has only one thing on his mind: Condonation. Shortly after the SC ruling went public, Principal of Sivaraj Homeopathy College and Research Institute, G Kannan told Edexlive, "We will only look at this from the perspective of an educational institution. Any student who has been absent for 90 days we will ask them to fill up a condonation form and it will sent to MGR University, so she will have to do the same." 

While there is talk that she will need watching and protection, depending on whose side you choose to believe in this twisted love story, Kannan has said unequivocally that they will not take extra measures unless the court ordered it, "We have not received the court order yet, whatever the court directs us to do, we shall so. But we can only take decisions about protection if the court asks us to." 

The need for protection may have risen after Hadiya screamed at mediapersons while going to court, saying that she had not been forcefully converted and that she wanted to continue studying — while still being married to her husband. The SC has still not definitively said anything about the couple being separated, while reports suggest that the husband is "pleased" with the result.  

Despite the glare of the entire nation being on his soon-to-return student, the Principal said that she is just like "any other student" and would receive no special privileges. Explaining what she needed to do to finish her course, something that the Supreme Court bench comprising Chief Justice Dipak Misra, Justice A M Khanwilkar and Justice D Y Chandrachud which spoke with her was quite insistent on, Kannan said, "She has completed the course, only one year of training is left. The students go for an internship programme and come back for training," before explaining that this was where the trouble began in the first place, "All these issues started while she was doing the internship, so she didn't come back for the training. She has passed the course and will finish entirely after the training."

When asked if they had been called on during the case, he replied to the negative, "We have not been participating in any process with regard to this case," but did confirm that the Kerala Police had been calling on them, "The Kerala police came to do an enquiry with us and we gave them whatever they needed."

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