Co-ed hostels at UoH soon? Varsity puts suspension of 10 students on hold after students protest non-stop over the weekend

After appeals from the suspended students, the issue has been referred to an appellate authority that will meet on December 2, students will now be able to attend their exams
The problem started when the hostel warden called cops after discovering a female student in the male hostel | Facebook
The problem started when the hostel warden called cops after discovering a female student in the male hostel | Facebook

After heated protests, the University of Hyderabad has decided to put the suspension of the ten students on hold. The ten students had appealed to the Vice Chancellor and the matter has now been referred to the appellate authority - the executive council which is scheduled to meet on December 2.

"The suspension of the students will be kept in abeyance till the matter is disposed of by the appellate authority," the varsity said in a statement. Since the matter is pending enquiry, the students will have the permission to attend the end-of-semester exams provided they meet all the academic requirements. 

Another path-breaking comment made by the administration in their statement was that the University would consider co-ed hostels if they have a majority of students, parents and other supporting them. "The varsity will undertake a comprehensive exercise to elicit the views of all relevant stakeholders, including students and parents.

Game of blames: While the students accuse the management of moral policing, the latter accuses students of preventing discharge of duties

If a majority of them feel that a co-ed hostel should be on campus, then the varsity will consider creating a space and allow students to formally register for such accommodation," the release said. Last week, ten students were suspended from the University for indiscipline, the suspension period ranged from six months to two years.

On November 3, the hostel warden found a female student in a male student's room and allegedly brought in the cops to question their behaviour. Several other students protested, accusing the administration of moral policing.  The management then suspended the students for "preventing" the wardens from discharging their duties. Subsequently, the administration brought in police vans to ensure there were no bigger protests that break-out.

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