Trump's Muslim Ban: 17k students from 'banned' Muslim ​countries entered the US last year

That's the number of students who will feel insecure that they may not be able to return after their studies and no one can visit them during that period because the Supreme Court agrees with Trump
Reactions to the Supreme Court uploading the ban have been torrid | The Herald Mail
Reactions to the Supreme Court uploading the ban have been torrid | The Herald Mail

Today, the United States Supreme Court made President Donald Trump's Muslim Ban permanent. This will soon change the course of history especially for students who are currently studying there and those who aspire to study there in the future.

How many students from these countries are in limbo? Just last academic year, 17,354 students from the six banned countries enrolled in the universities. Out of the 17,354 students, 12,269 were from Iran, followed by Iraq (1901), Syria (1514), Sudan (783), Yemen (599), Libya (253). 

On January 7, President Trump signed an executive order debarring citizens from these six nations from entering the United States. A couple of days later a federal judge had suspended the order coming to the rescue of thousands of immigrants. This was followed by a three-judge panel that upheld the suspension.

However, on Tuesday, the Supreme Court backed the order. Those who have a "bona-fide" relationship such as business or family links, can still enter the land. The authorities have also said that students from these countries have nothing to fear as long as they have a valid student visa. A valid student visa would be a "bona-fide" link between the students and the country.

But this aspect of the ban might not bring too much relief to students from these countries. It is safe to assume that few students would still want to go to a country that will not allow others from their own home to enter the very same borders. 

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