If your kids didn't voluntarily protest, fill this form: What Saveetha Law School told protestors' parents

Parents of the students have been asked to submit a form issued on the website if their child did not participate in the protests willingly, with the promise that it would be kept confidential
The download and mail us notice on the Saveetha website
The download and mail us notice on the Saveetha website

If your ward did not voluntarily participate in the protest, then kindly download this form and mail it to us. This is what the Saveetha School of Law has mentioned on their website under the big bold notice asking students to vacate the college hostel. The letter is almost like an undertaking from the parent that their child did not take part willingly and would not do so anymore in the future — almost like a legal undertaking, though Saveetha's professors would be better informed as to whether it would hold scrutiny in a court of law. Over the last three days, students have been protesting against the College for various reasons, one of main reasons being the fact that the College's affiliation to the Bar Council of India doesn't seem to be valid this year.

The College has released a long list of clarifications on their website but also given a lot of advice to the "good" students on campus, "It is important for students to stand up for their own voices. We cannot let thugs and chronic additionals dictate the educational future of innocent students," the message read.

1) The College also advised the students to take notes in class, "Taking notes during class or in a work meeting is a good habit. Many students come to college without even a bag. They have no academic interest," the College claimed.

2) Reacting to the claim that they were collecting Rs 15,000 as reevaluation fees, the College said that they were only following UGC norms,"This does not affect most of the students. It should be noted than less than 0.0005% papers are eligible for reevaluation. We shall put forth your request to the finance committee next year." 

3) The students also seemed to have raised concerns over working on Saturdays, to which the college has said, "All constituent colleges of the university work on Saturday. A young mind needs to be trained with good work ethics to improve lifelong productivity."

4) On the suspension order issued by the management, the authorities said that there was no order passed but only a warning was given to students, "Students were asked to return to class. Which many good students followed," the notice read.

5) On the question of affiliation, the College claimed that they had paid the affiliation fees to the Bar Council and said that the process is underway. "The instiution received approval to start B.Com.BL, BA.Bl and BBA.BL degrees  from the Bar Council of India. We opted to start the BA.BL and BBA.BL courses successively. Subsequently we have been paying annual affiliation fees for both courses till date. Hence both courses are recognized. Both BA.BL and BBA.BL Students have applied to the Bar Council of India and their applications are being processed by the respective State Bar Councils."  

This bit was hurriedly added to the statement after 6 pm:

The Bar council of Kerala (click to view sample), Bar Council of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry (click to view sample) have both begun processing the registration of the BBA.BL Application from saveetha school of law

They've also called a 'Parent-Teacher' meeting on December 12 to discuss the issue. 

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