How little Maanavi's garage sales helped underprivileged kids' dreams come true

She's only twelve, but there's nothing that stops this ardent Salman Khan fan Maanavi Pradhan Singh from lending a helping hand
Maanavi at her stall
Maanavi at her stall

She goes to school, hangs out with friends and has fun like every other child. That's not unusual. What's unusual is that Maanavi Pradhan Singh also runs a Facebook-page-based charity organisation called For Goodness’ Sake, where she runs garage sales and makes DIY projects to raise money to help the underprivileged. A seventh grader who studies at a private school in Mumbai, she started the organisation at the age of eight, inspired by Salman Khan’s Being Human foundation.

Bhai factor: Salman Khan's being human foundation inspired Maanavi to start her organisation

What is the story behind your charity?
At first, I did not plan to start an organisation on my own. I collected about `3,000 selling lemonade during the summer. Also, we put up a garage sale of books, toys and a few things that I had. I donated that money to Being Human, directly to Salman Khan. My mother came up with the idea of starting a Facebook page. We started making bookmarks, quilled magnets, and dreamcatchers and selling them at our garage sales.

Who came up with the name?
I was listening to Justin Bieber’s song Love Yourself and a particular line struck me. When my mother and I were deciding the name of the Facebook page, we felt it would be nice to say, "Do this for goodness’ sake."

Is there any cause that touched you?
We have made and sold bags and umbrellas to raise money for the students of Kanya Paathshala in Darjeeling. They need a computer and a library. Since my mother is from Darjeeling, we knew about the school's problems.

All for good: A few items from Maanavi's stall

What do your friends say about your work?
All my friends want to volunteer, but I cannot take a lot of them. Two of my apartment friends are very helpful.

How do you manage your time?
Right now I can't do anything because my exams are going on. I'm in the seventh grade and I have to be serious about my studies. I make sure we always have enough products for our garage sales.

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